The products you love. All in one place.

Keep track of the things that you want to buy from any store in a succinct and aesthetic way.



Create Collections to organize your WANTs any way you'd like, you can even customize the cover to your Collections. Collections are great for categorizing and organizing your WANTs, but also come in handy during Birthdays and Holidays.

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Any time you come across an appealing product on WANT click the W icon and that item is added to your collection. Each time you WANT, the first person that added that item to their collection (The Founder for that product) will be notified and receive attribution. As others ReWant products that you’ve “founded” you’ll be notified.



There is not a 1:1 relationship between the things that you have an interest in and the things that your friends have an interest in. There are fascinating people all around the world who share your taste in products. WANT helps you to find and follow those people and build a community around shared product tastes.



When you find that product that you just have to tell the world about because it is just too cool WANT makes it easy to do so. WANTs can be shared via Facebook and Twitter and email. Help your friends and family understand what products that you love and care about.



Cash gifts can be received for products that have been added to a user’s collection.