Established in Detroit, MI

Fond of: Hip-hop samples, Jordans, Criterion Collection, Roman Abramovich, Deloreans, and Cognitive Dissonance.
WANT is a highly social and interactive site that connects people with the products they have an affinity towards. Whether it’s keeping track of the products they want to buy or receiving personalized product recommendations from the people they find interesting - WANT is designed to use an individual’s specific tastes to build the ultimate consumer experience.

WANT is backed by Camelot Venture Group, a private investment group that invests primarily in direct to consumer companies including online, catalog, retail, technology, financial services and sports management. Our focus is on providing capital for accelerated growth. Some of Camelot’s past investments have included Quicken Loans, 1-800 Contacts, Red Envelope and Fathead. Camelot’s current portfolio consists of The Sharper Image, Ritz Camera & Image, WANT and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

More information about Camelot Venture Group can be found at http://www.camelotvg.com/

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